United States Presidents

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Please Note: This is not a full set of presidents

The United States Presidents series examines the lives of the individuals who preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution. Each book in this comprehensive collection tells the story of a president's challenges and triumphs from childhood to the White House and beyond. Expanded content includes a section that outlines the function, responsibility and organization of the office of the president, including the branches of government, the Electoral College, term of office, and the line of succession. Lists of each president's cabinet members and Supreme Court appointments are also included. With eight additional pages to the Checkerboard Library format there's more information, more fascinating stories, and more facts for research and reports. Checkerboard Library is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

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United States Presidents (32 titles)
John Quincy Adams 5.3
Chester Arthur 5.1
James Buchanan 5.3
George H.W. Bush 5.5
Jimmy Carter 5.4
Grover Cleveland 5.2
Calvin Coolidge 5.1
Millard Fillmore 5.2
Gerald Ford 5.6
James A. Garfield 5.4
Ulysses S. Grant 5.5
Warren G. Harding 5.3
Benjamin Harrison 5.2
Rutherford B. Hayes 5.3
Herbert Hoover 5.3
Thomas Jefferson 5.2
Andrew Johnson 5.4
Lyndon B. Johnson 5.6
John F. Kennedy 5.5
James Madison 5.6
James Monroe 5.5
Richard Nixon 5.6
Franklin Pierce 5.5
James K. Polk 5.4
William Taft 5.3
Zachary Taylor 5.2
Harry S. Truman 5.5
John Tyler 5.4
George Washington 5.4
Woodrow Wilson 5.4
Barack Obama *2014 5.5
Donald Trump 5.6
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Season 2020-12-01
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