Fascinating Food Chains

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Food chains are fascinating! Every environment has factors that affect the flow of energy in its food chains--all the way up to you! This beautifully illustrated series explores the plants and animals that live in each ecosystem, the adaptations its plant and animal have, and how the flow of energy creates the food chain links. Discover what's for dinner in the food chains and webs in each environment with easy-to-read text, sidebars, and back matter.

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Fascinating Food Chains (6 titles)
City Food Chains 4.0
Deciduous Forest Food Chains 3.8
Deep Ocean Food Chains 4.2
Desert Food Chains 3.7
Grassland Food Chains 3.7
What Are Food Chains and Food Webs? 4.0
Interest Level Preschool - Grade 4
Reading Level Grade 3
Genre Nonfiction
Subject Science
Copyright 2011
Division Magic Wagon
Imprint Looking Glass Library
Language English
Number of Pages 32
Season 2010-01-09
Item No M790-0
ISBN 9781602707900
Title Format Reinforced Hardcover
Dewey 577
Graphics Full-color illustrations
Dimensions 9.25 x 7.5